Friday, February 26, 2016

The Perfect Purple And Silver Wedding 

A Wedding By Event Kings Wedding 

Imagine an eggplant glow of uplighting and a pinch of sparkle and you have the perfect combination for a modern purple and silver wedding! Both our bride and groom kept traditional elements to their wedding, but wanted to put a modern spin on it with a lot of fun lighting and a club feel.

Our planning process took about six months, in which we were able to come up with unique ideas to make their wedding perfect. Every element of the wedding was customized to our couples liking and it allowed each of them to pick out something special that they wanted.

The ceremony was very traditional and took place at a beautiful church. For a fun twist, the groom brought his very own Mac truck to leave the church in with his new bride! This truck then made its way to the venue for the bridal party and guests to take pictures with.

The reception room was lit in purple, along with all of d├ęcor in the room. Each centerpiece had a touch of sparkle with glitter table numbers to bring the whole theme together. Guests got to enjoy zap shots throughout the night, along with a photo booth. The DJ kept the dance floor packed while a percussionist mixed in added an element of fun for the guests.

As the night was winding down, a cigar roller hand rolled cigars for guests to enjoy outside before the evening ended.  

Photography: Event Kings
Venue: The Heritage Club
Music & Lighting: Event Kings
Floral: King Lily Floral
Planning, Design & Execution: Weddings By Event Kings

Weddings By Event Kings

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shedding For The Wedding With Total Body Shaping

Wedding Trend Of The Year 

Finding the perfect dress is a moment that every bride dreams of.  After weeks, and sometimes months, that moment finally happens for you. But what happens when you want to lose those few extra pounds before the big day and aren’t into the typical gym?  This is a problem that not only brides, but people face in general. I personally am not a “gym” person, but I do enjoy working out.

About a year ago, after much convincing, I finally went to the gym next door to my office called Total Body Shaping. As I walked in I was enthusiastically greeted by the owner Ronni Balestra. Ronni is one of the most energetic people I have ever met, who is constantly bouncing around her gym.  Her program is 10 weeks long and each class is only 50 minutes long!  Each day of the week focuses on a specific area of the body with some cardio kickboxing mixed in.

From personal experience, joining Total Body Shaping was the best decision I have ever made.  Ronni and her entire staff is with you for every step of the way through your 10 week journey. Roni not only works on changing your physical appearance, but will also change the way you look at working out and eating healthy. Even if you join as  your main goal to get in shape for your wedding, I am sure you will wind up extending your membership past the 10 week program.

If you call Total Body Shaping and mention Event Kings you will receive 20% off your 10 week membership! Stopping dream and start doing!

Total Body Shaping